Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flea Killer for your Carpet

Yesterday, I wrote about flea prevention for your dog with my Lemon Water.  If you have an inside/outside dog like mine, those fleas get brought inside your house.  Even if you don't have a dog, people entering and leaving your house can bring in fleas.  YUCK

I once thought it was nearly impossible to get rid of the fleas in your home.  They live and breed in your carpet.  They seem to multiply overnight, no matter what you use/do. 


Salt dehydrates fleas.  Yes, normal table salt.  Here are your magic ingredients for killing the fleas that infest your carpet:

*A Vacuum
:)    Think you can handle this difficult recipe??    :) 

This is SO much cheaper than the flea killers I use to buy at the store.  I feel way better about pouring it on my carpets, where my children play because there are no hidden or unknown chemicals.  It also WORKS!  There are no worries about spending money on something wondering IF it will work or not.  Chances are, most or all of you reading this will have salt in your cabinets right now!

DIRECTIONS: Simply sprinkle salt all over your carpet.  Put it on your furniture, mattresses, etc if you have fleas there as well!  No worries about it hurting you!  Leave it on the carpet for a few hours.  Give it time to dehydrate and KILL all those fleas.  I left mine in overnight.  After a few hours, vacuum up all the salt. 

You'll be suprised to see how many fleas vacuum up with the salt.  I emptied my "trash container" on my vacuum into my trashcan and the white salt was littered with hundreds of tiny black specks (fleas).  And seriously, my infestation was NOT BAD... So I thought! 

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