Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY Cooking Spray has got me looking at the things I'm cleaning with, putting on my body & IN my body.  I saw her post where she was making her own cooking spray and it got me wondering.... What's IN MY cooking spray?  I took out my can of cooking spray...  Ingredients: Canola oil, Soy Lecithin (??? ), Dimethyl Silicone (Seriously??  I'm spraying SILICONE on my food???), propellant (again, SERIOUSLY?), added Fat.  Why am I putting this crap in my family's bodies?  That's where I decided to follow Jillee....  I'm making my own cooking spray!! 

I followed Jillee's advice here in her directions.


1 part olive or canola oil to 5 parts water..  Bam, cooking spray!  Just put it in a spray bottle.  Now we all know water & oil separate so just give the bottle a quick shake before you use it.  Make sure you label all of your homemade items.  You don't want to be getting your cooking spray mixed up with your vinegar/water cleaning solution.  Although it won't hurt you, it probably won't taste very great! 

My cooking spray has 2 VERY simple ingredients:  Water, Oil.
Commercial Cooking spray: Oil, Soy Lecithin, Dimethyl Silicone, Propellant, Added Fat.   UGHHHH!!

Which spray would you rather put into your body?

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