Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flea Prevention for your Dog

Since we moved to the country earlier this year, my poor dog has been suffering from fleas & ticks.  We've tried all sorts of flea/tick prevention medicines but Sybil (our dog) has been eaten up!  This may be the result of a lack of a winter this past season...  They didn't get frozen and die off! (So they say here in the South.) 

Anyway, I got to reading about all of the different chemicals on all those store bought medicines and was pretty disappointed.  Do I really want to put these on my dog?  Especially since NONE of them seem to be working very well at all! 

I started looking online for natural things fleas & ticks absolutely loathe.  Everything I read about said Citrus......  Really?  I looked into my fridge and saw a lemon.  I figured it was worth a try.. soooo....  I sliced my lemon.  I boiled 2 cups of boiled water then removed it from the heat.  You then place the sliced lemon in the water and cover it.  6-8 hours later, I put my lemon water into a spray bottle. 

Before you spray your dog with your lemon water, bathe her with Dawn.  Dawn immediately kills fleas.  Ticks don't like it much either.  Most of the ticks I saw on my dog kinda just let go.  After I bathed her, I sprayed her with the lemon water.  Make sure you spray your dog enough to make the skin wet under all the hair. 

Sybil is a 9 month old Boxer so she's a rather large dog and I still had over half the mix left.  If you have left over mix, you can keep it in the spray bottle, refridgerate it or freeze it.  No matter what you do, it'll still work for another use. 

Honestly, I haven't seen my dog so happy since we moved here! 

Ohhhh....  I told my mother in law about it last weekend.  I have a nephew who seems to attract fleas no matter where he is!  If he's outside, they'll attack him!  Poor kid must have sugar for blood...  Anyway, she sprayed him with my little lemon water recipe before he went out to play (they live in the country also) and guess what??  Not a single flea bite!! 

So, here's you a VERY CHEAP, all natural, VERY EASY flea/tick prevention that's safe for pets AND humans!! 


  1. Did you have to do just 1 application on your dog? How often do you put it on??

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