Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Shaving Cream

I ran out of my Skintimate Shaving Cream last week and, since I really dislike buying my beauty bath products anymore, decided to "try" and make my own!  I went into the bathroom to see what other products I had left over that could possibly be used for a Shaving Cream.  I know just using hair Conditioner to shave with usually works great, so I hear, but I like something that also lathers, moisturizes and helps hold in moisture. 

Here's what I came up with.....
1 cup Shampoo... for a nice lather (I used my Pantene)
1 cup Conditioner... for shaving ease (I used my Pantene)
5 tablespoons lotion... Simply to skip lathering up after my shower
5 tablespoons coconut oil... To help keep moisture in my skin

  Add your shampoo & conditioner in a bowl... 

Add your lotion....

Put your coconut oil into a bowl and warm it in the microwave just until it melts and pour it into your shampoo, conditioner, lotion mixture...

Mix well...

Pour it into whatever container you wish!

This homemade cream has made my legs softer than they have been in YEARS!!  I get a closer, cleaner shave than I got with my store bought "Skintimate", which I was an avid user of.  And my legs were left feeling softer and cleaner, with NO stubble.  I love this stuff.  I don't ever see myself buying another commercial brand again.

I will say, this is way thinner than normal shaving cream.  It's very runny but does lather up a little when worked into skin.  Compared to the soft, moisturized feeling of my legs after shaving, the being thin is a minor detail to me, although, I may adjust the ingredient amounts next time I make a batch just to see if I can make it a little thicker...  If you try this recipe and find a way to make a nice lather, I would love to hear your feedback!

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  1. Hello, I tryed the recipe for homeade shaving cream! I seriously have to agree with you! This stuff is so much better than actualy shaving cream. I put more coconut oil and didn't melt it completly. It did make the formula more of a cream texture!