Sunday, June 10, 2012

In search of a new DIY Fabric Softener that SMELLS good

My last Fabric Softener Recipe works great but isn't exactly what I like/want for my own laundry so I've been searching for something new to use during my rinse cycle on laundry days. 

My latest Fabric Softener used hair conditioner as one of the ingredients.  After researching ingredients in my hair conditioner, I do NOT plan on purchasing anymore when my Pantene runs out.  I will be using an all natural, safe way to condition my hair..  More on that when I run out of my current conditioner. 

After tons of research, I think I've found another GREAT way to make my softener.  Vinegar has been proven to be excellent for clothes.  It helps keep lint from attaching to clothes, it removes soap residue, it helps remove odors from clothing and helps boost your detergent power among many other advantages.  Google it... You'll see for yourself! 

Baking soda helps soak up odors and helps regulate the ph level in your laundry rinse water keeping it from becoming to acidic or alkaline.  Adding it to your rinse cycle is supposed to act as a balance to suspend detergent or mineral deposits which leave clothes feeling stiff. 

Add some water & essential oil and I should have a "better than I've ever imagined softener"... right??  No....

I ALMOST fell for using both of these in a fabric softener... BUT... I remembered, when both are mixed together, they react, foam up, leaving nothing more than a little salty water.  Remember mixing the two in your clay volcano when you were a kid??  It makes for some awesome lava...   If you're googling ways to make your own fabric softener & you find one that tells you to mix these two ingredients, remember you're only wasting your vinegar & baking soda...  Might as well just throw it in the trash now.  Seperately, they work fantastic.  Together, they end up canceling each other's magic, leaving you with nothing more miraculous than salty water..  

For right now, I think I'm going to try using my white distilled vinegar & adding some of my "linen" essential oil to it.  I use the baking soda in my homemade laundry detergent anyway...  Maybe the use of both of them, at different times, will work great!  Let's just hope the laundry ends up with a good, clean, linen scent, just how I like it!!   

Anyone else have any ideas???  I'd LOVE to hear what's working for you!   

Update: This works GREAT!!  I simply use white distilled vinegar and add my essential oil to it.  Appx 15-20 drops per half gallon (that's enough for me).  I use appx 1 cup of the mixture per load of laundry.  My laundry comes out SO soft and smells great!  Give it a try! 

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