Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baking Soda & Peroxide... after my Stove Fire

My husband was cooking while letting me relax and read a little of the book I've been reading. (Btw, the Hunger Games trilogy is AMAZING!  If you haven't read it yet, you should!  I can't put it down.)  Suddenly he calls, "BABE... COME HELP!!".  I run from our living room to our kitchen to see what!?  A Stove Fire!  AHHH! 

Those of you who have been following my blog know I usually add visuals of my posts.  Sorry....  No visual of my stove fire.  I was a little too busy trying to PUT OUT THE FIRE

Just so you know, everything's fine.  No damage was done - to anything - at all.  Just a little visual damage...  Just needs to be cleaned up a little... 

After the fire, I got to wondering what caused the fire.  Had my husband spilled something on the burner??  No...    How long had it been since this stove, under the cosmetic top, had been cleaned?  I've cleaned that stove daily (most days several times a day) since we moved here a few months back.  Surely they had it cleaned pretty well before we moved in, right??   WRONG!!  I took the stove top apart and OMG that thing was DISGUSTING!!  No WONDER IT CAUGHT ON FIRE! "Just needs to be cleaned a little??"  Uhh....  How about, "I'm gonna have to give this thing the scrub down of my life because, surely, it's never been cleaned!". 
This is actually pretty embarassing.  I've been cooking just above a build up of other people's filth!

I need something stronger than my normal vinegar/water mixture.  I bring out the hydrogen peroxide & baking soda :)  I mix it together in a bowl to make a paste to a consistency I like and rub it all over everything with the dark, black, burn marks on it!

I let it sit basically ALL DAY!  It was several hours at least.......
This stuff works AMAZING!
This is my new, Miracle Cleaner!!
Just look at my stove now...
Besides the stove being pretty much ancient, it's beautiful!!  And CLEAN!!

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