Monday, August 13, 2012

Makeup Remover & Face Wash - Easy & Cheap

The last time I went shopping, I completely forgot I was almost out of my makeup remover...  So a couple of nights ago, I went to wash my face & UH OH, I was out!  AHH!!  It was late & I seriously didn't feel like going to the store to buy face cleaner so I just used my typical cleaner & tried my best to keep it away from my eyes cause that stuff hurts!  It worked great on the REST of my face, but my eyes still had eyeliner & mascara on them.  The waterproof kind!  I was so tired, I said "screw it" and went to bed.  The next morning, I WAS SCARY!!!  My face was all oily & shiny, my eyes were smudged with black all around, I looked like I had wrinkles that I've never seen before (Seriously, I'm only 29...  Do I already have wrinkles??  AHH).  I had black junk IN my eyes..  I looked like a pretty nasty wreck!  Granted, this isn't the only time I've gone to bed with eye makeup on, but it WAS the only time I'd gone to bed PURPOSELY with eye make up on.  The other times, I'd either had a few to drink or was just flat out POOPED! 

Sorry, no pictures of my beautiful, shiny, oily, black smudged self that morning!  haha...  You get NO visuals! 

My sweet, sweet husband actually didn't say anything about my roughness though.  Cudos to you honey!  Point for the hubster. 

Anyway, seeing yourself look 10 years older, overnight, simply because you didn't wash off your makeup will make you want to find a solution quick!  Problem was, I wasn't going to the store looking like THAT to pick up more cleaner.  haha!  That's when my little friend google came into play.  I started researching natural or homemade ways to clean that eye makeup off and seriously got upset at myself for not doing this the night before!  Google has about a billion things normal people keep in their house that'll double as a great makeup remover & I had about a thousand of those things in my cabinets!  (Over exaggeration maybe?  Maybe... but the possibilities seem endless when you're searching)

Here's what I decided to use:
2 cups warm water
1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 1/2 Tbsp Baby Wash/Shampoo

Mix it all together, put it in some sort of container, keep it in your bathroom cabinet or leave it by your sink (if you put it in a pretty little container).  Before you go to bed each night, put a little of the cleaner on your cotton swab, on your washcloth, on your little circle face pad, on your paper towel, whatever you decide to use and wipe your face off.  Eyes and all...  It doesn't irritate your eyes or skin at all.  I have sensitive skin and this treats my skin VERY well.  The baby wash is gentle and mild enough to clean my face without irritating it and the coconut oil leaves my skin oil free (yeah, sounds weird, but the good oil gets rid of the bad oil, I guess) without drying my skin.  Oh yeah, and if you have an acne problem, guess what!!  Coconut oil helps prevent acne!!  Check it out here!! 

Oh, by the way...  My husband may have went quite a while not saying anything about how rough I looked (Point-Hubster, remember?), but once I cleaned my face with this cleaner, he definitely noticed!  "Babe, your face looks a LOT less shiny"  haha...  (Maybe I'm taking that point back!)

What do you use to wash your face?  Which homemade recipe works best for your skin? 


  1. I actually follow the oil cleansing method (OCM). Its amazing and has cut my acne easily in half. Which is especially amazing considering I'm really bad at cleaning my face at night. But my summer mixture is half jojoba oil and half castor oil. I change it to 2/3 jojoba in the winter due to the extra dryness of winter.

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