Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crochet Ruffle Bottom Diaper Cover & Matching Headband

Before I went to bed last night, I received the CUTEST picture!  Well, it was a collage picture so I received the CUTEST pictures!

It's time like these when I love my little homemade business!  All my hard work, all my time crunching, all my "OMG, how am I gonna get these 4 orders done and get the laundry done and get the kids to their football and gymnastics practices AND get dishes done AND cook something for dinner AND get the kids bathed ANDDDD get hoomework done.... AHHHHH", seems to disappear & I get absolutely nothing but the thrill, the excitement, the full heartedness of the love people have for my products and I realize why I just love what I do. 

Seriously!?!?  Amy Adams is one of THE BEST photographers ever and RakJPatterns can seriously make some adorable patterns that are extremely easy to follow!!   If you live in the Indianola, IA area, go see Amy for your pictures!  If you crochet, go check out RakJ!  If you want one of these adorable sets for your adorable little girl or if you're a photographer that would want one of these for a photo prop, go see me on Facebook or Etsy. 

Alright, so now that you've seen this beauty....  I've got another surprise for you!!  Yeah, I got not only one ADORABLE collage of this babydoll in the diaper cover set, but I got one of a beautiful little girl in her Barefoot Sandals!  Oh yeah...  I'm tellin ya, Amy is awesome! 

These are my Ballerina Barefoot Flower Sandals.  If you're interested in some for yourself, go to my Facebook or Etsy.  These are perfect to wear with your sundresses, a pair of rolled up old jeans or your swimsuit!  Wear them to your backyard barbeque, while lounging around in the shade or wear them to the beach!  These things are adorable!  Start the trend in your area...  Foot Jewelry is big this summer.  Give someone a little view of your feet in something they haven't already seen a hundred times!  One of my customers recently said, "I keep forgetting to take a picture for you.  Everytime I wear them, I'm just having too much fun.  I think these just bring out the fun".  Yeah... They're that awesome :) 

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